Take a Stand: Letters to the Editor– Pep Rally concerns

Take a Stand: Letters to the Editor-- Pep Rally concerns

3 October 2013

Dear Editor of The Dodger:

At the last pep rally some students threw eggs to entertain themselves because administrators have been taking away all of the fun at pep rallies. On September 27th at the pep rally some boys threw eggs from the senior section into the junior section during the class chants. We need to fix pep rallies.

Pep rallies are overdone, there are too many of them. We have one every home game and people become burnt out and bored with them. The more we have the more people lose excitement for them and they no longer get school spirit flowing. The pep rallies administrators have taken the fun out of them. There are no games and students no longer get to talk. The students have nothing to do with the pep rallies anymore. The students who threw the eggs did it because all students have to do involving them in the pep rallies is the class chants. the students who threw the eggs were getting as much fun as they could out of the pep rally. The fact that administrators took over the pep rallies and students have nothing to do with them anymore completely defeats the purpose of a pep rally. The administrators are to controlling and the more they control us the more student’s revolt.

We need to fix pep rallies. They are boring, overdone, and too restricted. Pep rallies for both fall and winter need to introduce the teams on the first home game and have one for homecoming. For fall they need to have one for the hatchet game and winter for TOC. Fort he next pep rally all students should protest the way pep rallies are now being run and not participate in any way but not pay attention or participate. The cheerleaders should not cheer and the drill team not dance. The band should refrain from playing and then show the administrators that we will not stand for them dictating our pep rallies. WE ARE, DODGE CITY!


Chandra Sain