DCHS implements new breakfast bars


Students grab breakfast at the new Grab-and-Go breakfast bar location. Photo by: V. Garcia

Victoria Garcia, Editor in Chief

This week, Dodge City High School’s nutrition department added a new addition to breakfast.

It’s a new Grab-and-Go breakfast bar that popped up between Denious and Sughrue hall. This is an additional breakfast bar cart, to the current one located in the commons area.

Grab-and-Go breakfast bars allow students to grab a quick breakfast without having to go through the lunchroom line. Based on the success of the first breakfast bar, the nutrition staff decided to add a second one, in a location that provided easy access to the students. Many students come in through the new doors of Denious hall, and the breakfast bar is strategically placed there, to allow students the ability to grab breakfast without having to walk all the way down to the commons area.

The breakfast bar allows students to chose from a selection of fruits, pastries, and drinks, provided in the carts, then simply enter their student ID number and enjoy the breakfast. This additional breakfast bar has been a huge success and students and staff alike have appreciated the functionality and easy access.

“I think it’s a great idea for the students to be able to get food close to them, that way they don’t have to go out of their way, but they still get a good breakfast,” said Edith Agundis, nutritional staff.

The reason for starting this program, was to get more students involved in the breakfast program. So far, with both carts up and functioning, the department has seen a big increase, and hope that adding more carts, their participation will continue to grow.

“We went from serving about 30 students from one cart, to serving over 100 students with two carts, hopefully by adding a third cart this number will keep increasing,” said Rachel Smith, head of the nutrition department.

According to Breakfast in America, a Kellogg’s brand outreach about the consumption of breakfast, 36% of high school students eat breakfast every morning, which means roughly about 70% of students skip breakfast before coming to school. Many students skip breakfast due to a lack of time in the mornings and a rush to get to school on time. By implementing these new breakfast bars, the nutritional staff is able to help keep kids fed by providing food that is within easy reach. Whether it be with a piece of fruit or a carton of milk, students are able to get nutrition they need, without having to worry about time constraints.

The breakfast bars are open to both students and staff, and are currently located in the commons area and in between the Denious and Sughrue halls.

This bar is available starting at 7:30 a.m. and is open until the start of Block 1.

Be aware of new locations coming soon.