School hosts first Adulting Day


Alexandra Garcia, Student Life Reporter

Dodge City High School hosted the first Adulting Day on Jan. 30. Adulting Day was an event planned by the DCHS Counselors in hopes of helping students not only academically, but in any other way they could think of.

“We knew that academics are important, but sometimes there’s other life skills that students feel like they need to be successful,” said Melanie Scott, counselor.

The counselors had thought of this event in the spring of the 2017-18 school year, but had turned it into reality with the help of teachers and community members who took time out of their busy schedules to come to DCHS this past week. Adulting Day took place throughout an entire school day and consisted of over 100 topics for students to choose from. The 111 topics were composed of 53 life skills, 26 college/career readiness, and 32 social emotional topics. In addition, students sat in a D.A.R.E speaker presentation.

For high school senior, Kate Gonzalez, she had the opportunity to choose six topics from the 111 options. From these 111 topics she chose How to Make Deer Jerky, How to Decorate Your Room on a Budget, Meditation to Stretching and Breathing, Table Manners, Time Management, and How to Budget Your Money Wisely. She said she felt as if it was an event that educated her over many useful topics that could benefit her life and that it could benefit many more students lives in the future.

The community had participated in this event not knowing what the outcome would be but the 2019 Adulting Day was seen as a huge success. According to a survey taken by students and adults, 94% would like to participate in another Adulting Day.