Dodge City residents choose zoo fate


Graphic by Allie Gier

Allie Gier, Staff Reporter

When you think of the Dodge City’s Zoo, what comes to mind?

This has been the question on everybody’s mind these past couple of weeks as the community debates over whether to demolish the zoo or renovate it to fit everyone’s needs, especially the animals. Along with many other attractions, the zoo has always been a place Dodge City residents can visit throughout the year.

“If it’s not renovated to the degree at which the animals need, it needs to be torn down. But if they can proceed and generate the money to get the enclosures and habitats that are more consistent with what the animals need to have, I’m all for it,” said Mike Martinez, assistant principal.

In a survey sent out to residents, the choices included, a. The removal of the area, b. Keep as it is, or C. remodel to fit the needs of the animals.  

“I don’t think they should destroy it, but I think they should have habitats appropriate to our climate, because it’s a good family activity to go do, and it’s nice, but totally destroying it, no,” said Sonia Gonzales, ESL teacher.

Students also weighed in on this issue.

“They could fix many things, especially the paddocks for the animals and maybe make it flow better. Redoing the set up and walking path would make it look much better,” said Abby Harding, 11.

While some may not know that there is a zoo in Dodge City for various reasons, keeping the zoo could help residents maintain a relationship with others through the animals.

“I really like the animals and I really enjoy seeing them, when my online friend came to visit, I took her to a zoo and it was such a bonding experience. Same with my best friend in Oklahoma, we went to the zoo and became closer,” said Hannah Frerichs, 11.

The DCHS Publications staff will be continuing with this story as it develops and will make updates as we receive new information.