HOSA brings medical helicopter for professional learning


Photographer Allie Gier

Students gather around the helicopter ready to see what’s inside.

Aylin Rojas, Senior Editor

On April 1, LifeSave Transport flew in to talk to students about the different careers on the flight team.This took place during OP.

Former DCHS student, Benny Sotelo and his team talked to students about careers such as pilot, flight paramedic, and flight nurse, they also gave the students an opportunity to tour the helicopter.

“I think it was a great experience for students to see a different side of healthcare that we sometimes don’t always think about,” said Jennifer Jones, HOSA sponsor.

The LifeSave fly ambulances systems treat and fly critically ill patients. LifeSave has been in operation for over 18 years and has more than 15 locations in four different states. These locations are; one in Texas, two in Nebraska, three in Hawaii and nine in Kansas. These fly ambulances offer almost everything an emergency room does, except x-rays.

Annie Martinez and Jones, both HOSA sponsors discussed possible options of who to contact to bring in for the students to talk to.

“Benny Sotelo is a former student of both Mrs. Martinez and I , so we thought we’d try to contact him to see if he was available to come to our scheduled OP meeting to speak,” said Jones.

Sotelo was on shift this day, at one point they thought he wouldn’t make it, but after speaking to his supervisor, she suggested they just fly the helicopter and land at the high school turf practice field, this way the students would be able to talk to the whole team and hear about their different careers.

Jones and Martinez later contacted Jacque Feist, DCHS principal and Jay Gifford, Athletics Director to see if it was possible to bring the team in.

“It is so fun to see former students doing what they wanted to do and loving it. We are so proud of our students! We appreciate also that they are so willing to share with our current students,” said Jones

This allowed students to learn more about the different careers LiveSafe Transport offers.

“I learned that you need at least 2 years of being an RN to be alight nurse,” said Moises Herrera, 12.