DCHS hosts third blood drive


Photographer Lilian Rodriguez

A student gets prepped before getting blood drawn.

Lilian Rodriguez, Staff Reporter

For the third time this year, t​he National Honor Society and HOSA partnered up to host the blood drive. This event gives students and faculty members an opportunity to donate blood to help others that need it.

Since the fall of 2003 DCHS have hosted 30 blood drives and collected 1787 units of blood.

The American Red Cross set a goal for 63 units of blood to be donated. Spring is a very busy time for students with sports and activity therefore Annie Martinez, HOSA sponsor, said it was unsure if that goal was going to be met.

“I wanted to donate blood to help other people in need, everyone has blood, but they don’t choose to donate it,” said April Garcia, 10.

For a lot of donors this isn’t their first time donating blood. Sophia Rodriguez, 11, has donated a total of two times.

“I feel like it’s important to help others even though I’m not there physically,” said Rodriguez.

The blood donated goes to Wichita to the American Red Cross distribution facility.

“The really cool thing for our blood donors is that if they are 17 or older they can have the app, and whenever the blood gets sent to a patient you get the name of the hospital and city,” said Martinez.

The total of presenting donors were 75, donating an overall 57 units of blood.