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Eruvey’s Soccer Blog Day 3

Eruvey Salazar, Digital Media Staff

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Eruvey’s Soccer Blog’s Day 3


Eruvey’s Soccer Blog is back with another blog and today I am going to talk about what we did at soccer practice yesterday.

                  Well you probably don’t know the usual, but what I usually do after school is I go get a snack and sit down and eat it. After I do that I go to the locker room and change to go to practice. I put on my headphones you know to get focused and ready. Then I put on my shin guards because without shin guards you cannot practice.

                  So after I do that, I go outside of the locker room and just walk around to waste time until it’s like 3:20pm then I go outside and I go to the turf outside towards the back of the school. After that the whole team gets into two rows and we start warming up. We do two laps around the turf field and then we get into a big circle. In that big circle, we do our stretches. After we do that we get into our teams, such as varsity, Jv, and the C team. After we get into our teams, we start with a simple drill. First we start off with 10×10 cones and we do some type of keep away.

                After awhile we start doing more drills. Like yesterday for example, we got into groups of three and with cones we made a triangle. In that triangle with our partners, we do headers, volleys, and some type of keep up. With that drill, there was a time limit and whoever got less points, got to do exercise. When we’re done with that, we do a long pass drill. In that drill we have to do long passes and control the ball with only one touch. Then we scrimmaged against Jv. When we’re done with that, we run half a lap and stretches. Well that’s all for Eruvey’s Soccer Blog.


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Eruvey’s Soccer Blog Day 3