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Styles of Dance Day 1

Dyamond Salem, Digital Media Staff

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Hi, My name is Dyamond and today I will be talking about ballet. Ballet is the style of dance defined as “an artistic art form performed to music using precise and highly formalized set steps and gestures”. With classical ballet, there is a more graceful characteristic seen through its fluidity. A slipper is worn to train the younger, inexperienced dancer, allowing him/her to feel the floor and gain strength while concentrating on the steps. Once the dancer displays advanced technique and proves to have control of the ankles, she can dance on pointe shoes. Pointe shoes are a firm slipper with a wooden box in the toe, allowing the dancer to stand on her toes. Today, dancers wrap their toes with lamb’s wool, tissues, cotton or gel to provide comfort, in addition to a toe bunny (a sock-like cover) that is made of the same materials. Flexibility is extremely beneficial when dancing ballet, as it allows the lines and full extension to happen elegantly. Ballet was performed, during the 15th century, when noblemen and women would learn the steps to dance during celebratory events in the Italian Renaissance. This particular genre should look effortless when performed in a recital, or any stage beyond that. In order to make this a reality, several hours of training must take place. As a student, six to seven hours a day is a typical day of training. Most professional ballet companies rehearse for 8 hours a day, with breaks, for six days of the week. Although, this is a grueling schedule and can be hard on the body, I think it would be amazing to experience this. I also believe that everyone should take a class to improve flexibility, muscle control, posture, and self-discipline. Think about it, there are several professional athletes that take, or have taken, classes each week to avoid injuries. So, I’ll leave you with this until tomorrow…”Life without ballet would be Pointeless”. -Unknown

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Styles of Dance Day 1