DC vs. GC Day 4

Chidera Okoro, Digital Media Reporter

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Welcome back to the final day of the blog! This is day four and I’m here to inform y’all about the Hatchet. Now y’all may know what the Hatchet is, but I’m going to dig deeper. Do most of y’all know when the Hatchet tradition started, how it started, and why it started? Well unless you’re a football player, most of you don’t know. That’s okay! You’re not the only one. I will be answering all these questions and many more so keep reading!

All sports in Dodge that play against Garden are a big deal. Each sport usually does something different during a game against Garden. For example, in basketball, it is pink out. The team wears pink to raise breast cancer awareness. This is only worn on a game against Garden because this game attracts more students and adults to come watch. Even though this game is still important, the majority of Dodge City will say the Hatchet game is where the most people come to watch.

The history of the Hatchet game is a little bit unclear. The first game dated back to 1938, however, the two teams have been playing against each other since 1903. The name “Hatchet” comes from the saying “To bury the hatchet,” which means to end or settle a conflict. I’ve never thought about where the name was originally from, but now it all makes sense. Once one of the two teams wins the game, they receive an actual hatchet to show their victory. Currently, the hatchet is with Garden City after a dominating win of 40-9 played on October 13th, 2017.

Head Coach Dave Foster leads the Red Demon football team. He became the head coach in 2010 replacing previous Coach Justin Burke. Now the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree because his son is the team’s quarterback, Beau Foster, who is a junior. On Garden’s side, Coach Brian Hill leads the Buffalo team. He’s been coaching at Garden for 9 years with also a junior quarterback, Carlos Acosta.  Both coaches have sufficient experiences and background history of the game, which makes it even more competitive.

Okay y’all, that’s all for day four. We’ve come to the end of my daily written blogs. However, there is still one more day left, this time it’s not going to be written. Tomorrow, I’ll be getting inside information of what students, players, and fans think about this years Hatchet game match up! I’ll be recording it all, so be ready as we get some tea!



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