K’s Fashion Day 4

Kristina Vargas, Dodger Reporter

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Hey guys welcome back to my last writing blog! Today I’ll be talking to you guys about a famous store that many of you guys have heard or probably have shopped at  before “Aeropostale”.

This store was founded in 1973 in New York, Ny by R.H. Macy & Co who started as a private label, but later became a specialty store. Aeropostale is a defunct airline company. Aeropostale is a shopping store based on casual and cute apparels and accessories.

Kids ages 12-17 can shop at Aeropostale, but this store can also be for older women too. Aeropostale is a store that has brands from different famous girls like Bethany Mota, Junie and Jade, and Tokyo Darling.

Bethany Mota is a big seller, she sells tops, accessories, fragrances and home goods. Aeropostale is a store where woman/men, and teens can shop. Aeropostale is a store where you can get your clothes that are very cute and a good price.

At Aeropostale they sell tops, bottoms, dresses, rompers, jackets, sweaters, and accessories. If you ever need a school uniform and don’t know where to find specific color polo’s you can find them at Aeropostale for a good price.

When you first sign up with your email online they give you a 15% discount on your first purchase online. Aeropostale discounts are pretty good, if you spend more than $50.00 online they don’t charge you for their shipping. Sometimes on their deals you can buy a pair of jeans for its original price and get other pair for free and that can be either online or at the store, their discounts are good that you can also get 80% off their clearance items.

Aero’s sweaters are pretty great, they are really cute and soft but their price is pretty good, you can get a sweater for just $16.00, you can also get their tops just for 9 dollars and their long sleeve for just $12. I recommend you buying from this store, their clothes are really cute and their deals are amazing! Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you guys liked it! Follow me tomorrow to see some of the clothes from these famous brands.

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