Makeup Brands Blog Day 1

Rosa Sanchez, Digital Media Reporter

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My blogs are going to be about makeup brands. Today’s topic is about Too Faced. It’s a popular brand that started in the 90’s with ideas and was born in 1998. The co-founders are Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson. Their ideas started growing by working at Estee Lauder (another makeup brand). They would work one-on-one with clients and started to like it and found a liking in it. Jerrod and Jeremy are married. Now they dream to celebrate and empower women by making new products everyday and they are selling in 30 countries.

The products are skin care and makeup. They make types of makeup for the whole face. Making foundation, eyeshadow, eye products and etc. Too Faced is known by making products with fragrances. They recently made a collection of peaches. Also made products of chocolate smelling. Too Faced is cruelty free with their products. Jerrod is an animal lover and helps animals with making a company called Teddy Bear Hair brushes. Jerrod loves to make bronzers because his sister was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma and made her looked like she’s more live and sun kissed.

Too Faced is named from a loving insult, that Jerrod called his clients “too faced” by their moods. He took the name and make a business out of it. Too Faced was the first to make a glitter eye shadow.  Jerrod wanted to play with makeup and cocoa because he went on a trip and got a chocolate facial and loved moisturizing and anti-aging properties.

Too Faced has made bronzers with cocoa and eyeshadows. They are working are more and will work hard for bigger things. Too Faced has came this far by listening to their fans and working on what’s  good for them. Today they are still empowering women and guys. They have shown people to become themself and do not be scared of anything.



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