Austin Tiemeyer ‘takes a stand’ on athletics and academics

Austin Tiemeyer, Special to the Dodger

Dear Editor of the Dodger:

My letter is over an article in the Dodger titled, “Are athletics taking precedence over everything else?”  I agree with a lot of things the article addressed, but some of the things the article presented are just the way things have been and I predict the way they are going to be.  I am a student-athlete at DCHS, and I know first-hand how difficult it is to balance school and sports.  I also know it can be done; it is a choice by the individual.

The blame lies in several different areas for why students feel that sports take priority over school.  Most young people all have one main thing in common – they like to be irresponsible and have fun.  For most people, putting more effort into practice is easier then trying their hardest on an English report.  This is because simply one is more fun than the other.     

Addressing your thinking on why sports triumph over debate or forensics, I put the blame on our school and our athletic system. The system is rigged so that all of the money goes primarily to football and basketball. I am a member of the Dodge City varsity cross country team, and when I go to meets I look around and see all of the teams with nice big tents that have their name on them.  What do we have? Nothing.  This usually doesn’t bother me too much.  One day I drove by the tennis court at our school and saw a big red tent with Dodge City Tennis on it.  Then I came to ask people about it and they use this tent one time a year.  I do not understand how this works; maybe it is who the coach is and what job they have. I don’t know. 

I enjoyed this article very much because I felt that I was on both sides of the story. I am an athlete, but I also feel that I am being overshadowed by other sports.  I enjoyed this article very much and plan on enjoying reading many more pieces of your work.


Austin Tiemeyer