Brenna Briggs ‘takes a stand’ on community service

Brenna Briggs, Special to the Dodger

Dear Editor of the Dodger

The article I recently read online titled, “Community Service: ‘a special gift’ to those who change an area for the better”, really sparked my attention and inspired me to want to go out and do something special for my community.  In the article it talked about how many students here at DCHS are required to do community service.  Community service, however, should be about more than just a grade to students.  We should feel the urge to give back to our community.  Community service can really make a difference in people’s lives and challenge students to improve our community.

Kyelee Buehne was quoted in the article and said, “Classes are what started me in it, but afterward I felt more accomplished.”  The quote was a true statement; community service does make you feel accomplished.  It also gives you the feeling of being able to make a difference.  One person can start a little spark that leads to a big fire.  As Rachel Scott says, “start a chain reaction.”  Once one person begins to make a difference in a community, many may start to follow.  Don’t you want to make a difference?

Performing community service may be a challenge for some and you will often hear students saying they don’t have time.  There are more ways than volunteering for a few hours at a community event, though.  You can give food, money or clothes to many different organizations around the community and feel just as accomplished as picking up trash along the highway to make the city look more beautiful.

Change, change, change, we all want to see a change, and in closing, I would just like to let you know how much I was inspired by this article to go make a change in our community. I can only hope that other students feel the same way.  A little bit can go a long way, and I hope to make as big of a difference as I can.


Brenna Briggs