Grace Royle ‘takes a stand’ on educational goals

Grace Royle, Special to the Dodger

Dear Editor of the Dodger:

Every single student’s skin crawls when they hear the words “state test” or when their teachers give them a lecture of how important it is to do well on the state test.  Students aren’t seen as individuals and aren’t treated as them as well. In the article, “No Child Left Behind sets impossible goals” from the Dodge City Daily Globe, Pablo Cadia gives his opinion on the state and their choices. I agree with him entirely on his point of view. The state is setting impossible goals and they do not understand the stress it puts on students and teachers.

State testing is shoved down students’ throats before they can even step foot into a classroom on the first day of school.  As we sit there and grow bored of the lectures of having to do well, we soon do not want to even try.  In the article, Cadia says that even teachers believe it is impossible for all students to meet the standard because of the many strengths and weaknesses students have.  Never will 100 percent of students today reach the standards given on state testing.   

Looking back at school, especially high school, stress is something students want to have as their only memory.  Students have individual needs not seen by the Departments.  They do not understand that we aren’t robots that can’t understand everything that is shoved in our faces.  Do we look like mechanical machines roaming around the school retaining all the information thrown our way?   We are all individuals with specific needs. We are all individuals who can’t be seen as just a group of students who understand assignments like everyone else. We are individuals who need to be looked at as individuals.

Not all students will succeed in college or even make it to that point.  This isn’t a put-down, but a simple fact.

Depending on learning limitations, like Cadia said in the article, many students just can’t go on after high school.  Not because of the teaching at the school, but just because of their capabilities and also their goals and interests.  College also has to be goal because of the determination in a student.

We as students just want to learn what we can use in our interests and become hardworking people in this world and teachers just want to help us get there.  All of these standards and goals and ridiculous expectations the state wants our school to meet are putting more stress on us as students and teachers than ever before. They are making it harder and harder to even want to strive to do excellent in school. If all we are focusing on is being the same exact person as everyone else and having to meet some standard, when will the state wake up and make a good decision?


Grace Royle