Liliana Gonzalez ‘takes a stand’ on abortion

Liliana Gonzalez, Special to the Dodger

Dear Editor of the Dodger:

Where would you stand in an abortion case? Would you support that innocent babies die every day just because of their mothers’ bad decisions? Well, according to The Wichita Eagle, a case against an abortion clinic who did late term abortions and false records was suspended because of not having enough records to prove guilty.

This clinic has 107 counts of late-term abortions and 23 felonies related to false records. To be suspended was a very bad decision. Meanwhile, while suspended they could have stolen more innocent lives. All the anti-abortion groups are protesting for justice. In my opinion, in that clinic, the doctors should be thrown in jail and his license taken away.  They should pay for all those innocent lives they took.


Liliana Gonzalez