Rene Delgado ‘takes a stand’ on mental illness and the justice system

Rene Delgado, Special to the Dodger

Editors’ Note:  The following letter to the editor contains words and phrases that are graphic in nature and that may cause uncomfort to some readers.

Dear Editor of the Dodger:

On Nov. 28, 2009, Andrew Conley strangled his brother.  The judge sentenced Andrew to a life sentence in prison.  Andrew has a problem, he is not sane.  He is also currently 18 and his brother was 10 when he was murdered.  The judge should allow Andrew to leave the prison and seek psychiatric help and undergo therapy.

Should a mentally ill person see a psychiatrist or be put in prison first?  The three experts that examined him said he was mentally ill.  A fourth one didn’t examine him but said he was a psychopath.  Andrew said he fantasized about killing people since he was young.  He’s locked up when he should be getting professional help. 

Conley needs to go see a psychiatrist.  When being interviewed, Conley said he was unable to stop strangling his brother.  He also said he felt as if he was watching from outside his body.  Police were told by Conley that he wanted to be like Dexter, a TV serial killer.  Conley should be undergoing therapy instead of being in prison.

He also cooperated with the investigators and police.  The investigators taped Conley telling exactly what happened.  He admitted he murdered his brother and shortened the investigation instead of telling lies to cover himself up.  Even though he is mentally ill, he admitted and cooperated. 

Andrew Conley got a life sentence in prison, but was it the right choice?  Experts say he is mentally ill.  Conley needs to go see a psychiatrist.  Andrew also cooperated with investigators and police.  Andrew should be left to go out of the prison, be supervised, and get treatment and see a psychiatrist.


Rene Delgado