Alivia Owens ‘takes a stand’ on athletics and academics

Alivia Owens, Special to the Dodger

Dear Editor of the Dodger:

Reading the article called “Are athletics taking precedence over everything else?” really triggered my own structure of opinion. Being an athlete myself, I understand the importance of school work and my future, aside from just being in a sport.  I also believe that the support that either the drama club or band receives is just as important, because in the end, we are all one, and we all support each other. My focus and determination aren’t merely focused on just athletics, but also my very important school work.

Athletes deal with pressure, I can understand, but the demands we have to meet in a sport aren’t exactly causing an unhealthy pressure and lifestyle. While you view a sport as just bringing home the trophy or medals, it’s more of a way to be with others who share similar interests. Athletes also have the opportunity to have a successful future. Having a greater future, even for athletes, is a very important subject matter.

Athletes have a lot of focus and determination to surpass at a particular sport, but sports aren’t the only passion in our minds. We try hard to juggle all the activities we may be involved in. You also believe that sports become a mere obsession to some and it’s causing an unhealthy pressure. What happened to just having fun playing a sport? That is the only question on my mind, because I still view sports as spending time with fellow teammates and also meeting new people. You say we need to focus on “serious things” to better our future, but I believe us athletes work just as hard to pursue our dreams as anyone else.  Though, for some athletes, achieving their dreams may consist of excelling in a particular sport, but in the end they work hard to do so.

I hope now there is an understanding of this story coming from an athlete’s point of view. We work hard to win, but we also work hard to achieve our dreams and develop a better future for all of us. Athletes work hard on and off the field to what we want to attain in life. I believe to be considered a society, the students need to support all different types of teams, groups and organizations, and we’ve done so. Athletes, like all students, always want the best future for themselves and will strive in whatever way possible to achieve it.


Alivia Owens