Metissa Hampton ‘takes a stand’ on new Italian restaurant

Metissa Hampton, Special to the Dodger

Dear Editor of the Dodger:

I heard we had an Italian Restaurant in town, also. So much. like many others in the surrounding areas, I decided to check it out on one of my ever-so-famous, “best friend dates.” Now, I’m not a stranger to Italian food, especially coming from a family like mine. I was dying to see what was so new about this place, because I figured it was time for a change, and a little bit of spice to this city.

Now I can absolutely agree with your opinion on the decorations of the dining area. The plastic tablecloth covers are sort of tacky, and nothing coordinates color wise. It’s sort of plain, and very unoriginal. As for the waiters, they are friendly, and the service I had received wasn’t anything to complain about. The food wasn’t awful, but it surely wasn’t 100% authentic. It’s sort of Americanized in my opinion, but then again, almost everything now-a-days is Americanized.

The business is fairly new to the community, and I’m sure the owners were a bit overwhelmed with the whole starting a business thing. I’m sure, over time, the décor of the restaurant will come together a little bit, and be more adapted to the environment and hopefully make you feel like you’re in Italy, dining in dim lights and enjoying the company of the ones you love the most – family and friends. As for everything else, it is difficult starting a new business in Dodge City, Kan., simply because we don’t have much to offer here. It was a bold statement opening an Italian Restaurant here. I think it was a tremendous idea, and I commend the owners with this decision. I just hope that, over time, it will come together a little bit more.


Metissa Hampton