Miriam Terrazas ‘takes a stand’ on athletics and academics

Dear Editor of the Dodger:

“Are athletics taking precedence over everything else?” If you really sit down and think about it, they are. When have you seen that in a pep assembly they recognize students for their art or for their good grades?

Teachers should recognize that there are other people in school that have many other talents. Not every student has the talent to play sports, but they do have talents that are going to help us as a community later in the future. Also, only 20 to 40% of high school students are involved in sports. What about the other 60%?

In a survey, they asked students what kind of sports they like. Many students answered with aggressive sports. Think about it… what are sports teaching us? When a football player tackles someone to the floor, all of us get excited. No wonder schools are the way they are.

I know many people say sports are healthy, and I agree they help you keep in shape, but sports put too much pressure on students. If you notice, most students that play a sport are always tired. That is because they put all their energy on sports that they don’t have enough energy for anything else. In my personal opinion, I think it would be a great idea to recognize those students who try their hardest on everything they do.


Miriam Terrazas