Review: “Rules of Attraction” by Simone Elkeles

Natalie Cabello, News

If you enjoy a good love story, then Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles is for you. (It’s the second book in the Perfect Chemistry series).

The book starts out when Carlos Fuentes and his brother Alex finally see each other after a couple years. Alex had moved to Boulder, Colo., from Chicago, while Carlos, their mom and their younger brother, Luis, had moved to Mexico.

When Alex announces that Carlos will be going to Flatiron High, Carlos isn’t very happy. Alex even arranges a peer guide for Carlos–Kiara Westfield. When Carlos and Kiara meet, it doesn’t go well. Carlos is bitterly sassy and doesn’t care, while Kiara is not used to this.

Later on, Carlos must move in with the Westfords. He doesn’t feel at home, and what’s worse, he’s beginning to have feelings for Kiara, who is nothing like the girls he’s usually attracted to. This causes a whole host of problems for both Kiara and Carlos, who must overcome all their societal differences to be together.

This is a modernized version of West Side Story with a touch of Romeo and Juliet. I really enjoyed reading the story and finding out whether Carlos and Kiara have their happy ending. However, if you aren’t the romantic type, I wouldn’t recommend that you read it. Also, I read it without reading the first book, which made the story a little confusing during the first few pages. The author wrote this story, however, so that it can also stand alone for those, like me, who read it as a stand-alone story and can get the hang of the story within the first few pages. I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars.