Review: Battle: Los Angeles

Brittiny Moore, Opinion

Recent sci-fi thriller Battle: Los Angeles made its blockbuster debut on the March 11.  Written by Christopher Bertolini (Madso’s War and The General’s Daughter) and directed by Jonathan Liebesman (Darkness Falls and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning), the 116-minute film was ranked first in the box office with $35.6 million and is rated PG-13.

Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz (Aaron Eckhart) has just had his retirement approved when he is called back into the line of duty after recent reports of spontaneous attacks on U.S. ground from an unknown enemy.  The enemy is unknown until a sudden and unexpected meteor shower enters Earth’s atmosphere.  Exploding in mid-air and plummeting to the ground, the meteors are determined to be no ordinary meteors.

Broadcasting from a beach in California, a local news crew is the first to uncover the true identity behind the unexplainable mass hidden in each meteor.  Landing on the coast, a swarm of an alien army emerges from the ocean and begins wreaking havoc on the human population.  The alien invasion has been classified as hostile and their goal is to wipe out the indigenous population on Earth.

Now Michael Nantz must assist 2nd Lieutenant William Martinez (Ramon Rodriquez) in leading his platoon in the battle to reclaim Los Angeles from the alien invaders.  On a mission to search for and save any survivors in an area completely taken over by alien force, the platoon has a limited amount time to find survivors and escape before a mass bombing of the area to clear all alien force occurs.  With time running out, the platoon must fight their way out of the area only to discover the alien enemy now has aircraft and the bombing had ceased due to the complete destruction of the Marine forward operating base.  With almost all hope gone, the platoon must push on to escape the now completely overtaken city.  But once they get a rescue team to save them all, the remaining platoon must make the decision to either retreat to overseas where the remaining surviving Marines are located and watch the world’s greatest cities fall or turn back and single-handedly take down the alien invaders themselves.

For many, many years, claims of UFO sightings have been heard around the world.  The possibility of life on another planet has become more and more accepted with the great hype posed on the supernatural today.  Battle: Los Angeles is a film that feeds into the common fears of life in another world.

Although perceived to be cheesy, this movie is filled with action and terror of what was once just sightings now becoming a reality.  With a great cast of actors playing the role of endangered civilians and Marines in combat, the intense and on-edge feeling of tough survival in such a serious case of disaster really comes alive.

Even with a great audience review, the reviews by critics did not fare so well.  It might be that no awards will be in this movie’s near future, but I definitely see at least some great nominations.  This sci-fi action thriller is a suspenseful look into the battle of two completely different worlds that not only sci-fi junkies can enjoy.