How Far will you go to Push the Limits

Elisa Moya, News

Just how far will you go to push the limits and what will you risk for someone who might just teach you how to love again?  That’s exactly what Echo Emerson had to ask herself, when Noah Hutchins unexpectedly came into her life Katie McGarry’s new book, Pushing the Limits.

Echo Emerson used to be Miss Popularity, the “perfect” straight A student, cheerleader and artist.  But something happened one night, and she lost her jock boyfriend and became the gossiped-about outcast of the school.

Now she only has one true friend, no boyfriend, and a mother who disappeared. Her big brother lost his life in combat, and her childhood babysitter is now her pregnant stepmother.  Talk about depression! She lives with ugly scars on her arms as a reminder of that night, yet no memories remain in her head.

Noah Hutchins is the school’s tough bad boy hottie, with an “idgad” attitude, who has a reputation of many one-night stands.  But no one suspects that something made Noah this way.  He keeps a dark secret under all that hardcore cover he puts out.  He has to stay out of trouble for his brother’s sake.

These two have problems of their own, but together they surprisingly understand each other.  They keep secrets that pretty much should keep them apart. They don’t have many things in common, but sparks fly when they’re together.  Opposites attract, right?

Think it sounds very dramatic? Yes, indeed. It’s full of drama and suspense, but girls like that.  This book is quite similar to the “Perfect Chemistry” series. So if you enjoyed reading Simone Elkeles’s easily understood love stories, I guarantee you’ll fall in love with Katie McGarry’s “Pushing the Limits.”  This book was newly released on July 31, 2012.

So who should read this book? Anyone who is interested in drama, nail-biting suspense, unconditional love, and isn’t afraid of tearing up a bit.  This book is so good, you’ll want to read it more than once.

You can find this book in your DCHS library.