Torn Between Love and Friendship

Amanda Simmons, News

LOL was directed by Lisa Azuelos and written by both Kamia Ainouz and Lisa Azuelos. This movie connects with our generation, with all the technology we use like Facebook, YouTube and iTunes.

LOL is directed towards teenage girls. Most guys would most likely call it a “chick flick.”

LOL is about Lola who has always been in love with her best friend Kyle.  She is dating Jeremy, but then she is heartbroken because he wants to go out and do his own thing.

Lola wants to go to Paris for the summer, but is scared of what might happen with Kyle. While on the trip, he shows her his true feelings.  Soon after the trip was over and they were back home, Lola’s mom found and read her journal and realized that she and her daughter had lost communication.

Lola hadn’t told her mom everything that had happened in Paris with Kyle, but her mother knew that sometimes kids keep secrets.

I would recommend this movie only because it is like what teen girls are experiencing in high school with all the romance, backstabbing and lying.

It’s something every girl experiences one or another. I would rate this movie a 4 ½ out of 5