Movie Review: Undercover family hosts comedy excitement

Movie Review: Undercover family hosts comedy excitement

Abby Garvalena, Reporter

“We’re the Millers” is the perfect movie to watch if you are in the mood for a good laugh –or three.

This move is about a drug dealer who gets robbed all of his drug money. His supplier makes him an offer to go to Mexico and asks him to bring back something for him.

So the drug healer has an idea. He believes that if he puts together the ideal “white family”, making them seem to be traveling on vacation, authorities won’t bother checking their vehicle. He makes himself the father, his neighbor and secret stripper as the mother, a homeless girl, they recently met, as the daughter, and his other neighbor, a teenager whose parents abandoned as the son. The perfect family combination leads them all with the last name of “Miller,” (hints the title “We’re the Millers.”)

In reality, that this group of people is really doing is trying to smuggle illegal substances back into the United States so hey can pay off his debt to his supplier. In a series of unfortunate events, they finally make it back to the states with the drugs and with a few angry people on their tales.

Once they make it back, the “father” turns in the dealer and the family takes to a change of heart.