Blog 1: Movie Club: Avengers Endgame

Blog 1: Movie Club: Avengers Endgame

Payton Mayfield, Digital Media Reporter

Movie Club: Avengers Endgame

Hello, my name is Payton Mayfield, and this is Movie Club! Here we talk about the hype of new movies releasing in 2019, and also movie reviews. Today we will be talking about the latest superhero movie releasing, Avengers: Endgame. We will be talking about hype, news, and theories surrounding Endgame.

Theories about Endgame have been all but subtle. Just how close to the comics will the new Avengers movie be? How will this end? Will there be an epic showdown between Captain America and Thanos like in the comic. Speaking of epic showdowns, we have heard news of Thanos and his daughter Nebula, a fight happened at the end of the comic in which Nebula, Thanos’ abused daughter bested him in combat and stole the Infinity Gauntlet for her own use, fixing his mistakes, and wrong-doings. Chris Evans has stated that this is his last outing as Captain America. He has had his own trilogy of movies and a long journey since then. Chris believes it is time to put the character of Captain America to rest. He has also said that while he owes so much to Marvel for the fantastic years, he wants to move on and play different roles in his life. It is no coincidence that all of the original Avenger members were left alive. The original six members being Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, The Incredible Hulk, and of course Captain America. There have been talks of time travel. Could we see the original Avengers head back in time to stop Thanos, maybe in the movie we see them head back to the battle of New York that we saw in the very first Avengers movie, were they all teamed up for the first time.


Brie Larson who is playing Captain Marvel will also be featured in the new Avengers, will be playing alongside MCU veterans. Many people did not know, but Brie Larson played Captain Marvel in Endgame before in her own movie. She had to figure out who her character was before her origin story. As some might have guessed she will be the new face of Marvel. Does this mean any confirmed deaths or retirement plans for any of our current heros? Will we see a cast of New Avengers, like we also saw in the comics?


The studio behind our favorite superhero movies and the directors of the latest Avengers, the Russo brothers decided over five years ago this will be the conclusion to this part of the saga of the MCU. Leaving some of our heros in the “dust”, we will be seeing an all new cast of heros very soon.  This has been a short discussion over Avengers: Endgame. Join back tomorrow when we talk about Keanu Reeves’ latest movie John Wick: Chapter 3.