Blog 1: Track Blog

Blog 1: Track Blog

Kisa Unruh, Digital Media Reporter

Hi, It’s day one of my Track Blog!

My name is Kisa Unruh and I am going to be talking about track. Today we are going to discuss what all you can do in track.

Okay well first of all, if you don’t know what track is, it’s a sport where you can run or you can do field events: like jumping, or throwing. It’s and event that takes place outside. In track you can do all kinds of different running events. Like the 3200, which is 8 laps around the track field, or you can do the mile, which is only 4 laps around the track. If you’re a sprinter, you can do the 100, 200, or even the 400, which is one full lap, around the track. If you like running, then track is an awesome sport to try. If you don’t like running though and you like throwing things or jumping, you can still do track.

In track there is long jump, triple jump, and even high jump. All which consider you jumping high or far. You can also throw. The throwing events include: Shot Put, Discus, and Javelin. Shot put is where you throw an 8 pound ball (if you’re a girl) or a 12 pound ball (if you’re a guy). It’s tiny but its heavy. Or you can also throw discus, which is like a frisbee, but it’s a little heavier. There is also Javelin which you throw a spear like object as far as you can.

In track there is also relays, which consists of 4 people running around the track. There’s the 4×4, which each person makes an entire lap around the track. Or there’s the 4×1, where each person only runs 100 meters of the track and the whole relay team runs and entire lap all together.

Thanks for reading Day 1 of my blog, I hope to see you back again tomorrow for Day 2!