Upcoming games coming to all consoles

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Upcoming games coming to all consoles

Angel Silva, digital media reporter

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Today we will be talking about the latest games coming to all the consoles you might enjoy.

In the No. 5 spot is Days Gone. This game is going to be new zombie survival game that will let you experience the life in the zombie apocalypse. In the this brand new game you will take your character John and travel across the land figuring out what to do with his life will trying to survive from zombies, bounty hunters and even nature itself. So be sure to pick this game up on April 26th if you are a undead fan.

In the No. 4 spot is another Zombie survival game but his one is based on the 2013 zombie film World War Z. Not a lot of information has been told about this game except the story will be great and terrifying and you will play as many characters in the undead wasteland by yourself or you can hope on to co-op to fight the survival with your friends be sure to pick up this truly terrifying game April 16th.

In the No. 3 is MK 11. So far this game has been the most hyped up by the community with its long lasting series. So far this game has gave us so much information on our characters we will be playing and long as the story so remember your combos because you can now pre order MK11 or buy when it hits stores April 23rd.

In the No. 2 spot is Assassin’s Creed III Remastered. A lot of people are actually excited for this game and it was a success when it first launched many years ago. So far confirmed is the same characters and an even longer story mode the story takes place as you being an Assassin during the revolutionary war who will fight with the Americans for their freedoms be sure to pick up this classic on May 13th.

In the No.1 spot is another zombie remake Resident Evil Zero. This game was one of the first Horror games that gave its series a successful title. This game will have better graphics and the same characters and along with story so switch users be sure to pick this game up on May 21.

Don’t forget to come tomorrow to check my opinion on these games.


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