Nintendo And How They’ve Changed Day 3

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Nintendo And How They’ve Changed Day 3

Manuel Dozal, Digital Media Reporter

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Nintendo And How They’ve Changed Day Three

The Mario series as a franchise is always changing, and the next games in the series show this, the Mario Galaxy miniseries was the most ambitious attempt by Nintendo that went from regular 3D platforming to small spherical platforming that was not only hard to understand at the time, but also set a new standard by Nintendo.

Day three:

The Mario Galaxy series was a very real revolution for its time that introduced a new mechanic to the series being planet platforming, which is very hard to explain for some reason.

The story is actually interesting for once, once every 100 years the Mushroom Kingdom helds a star festival where meteor showers fill the sky and people just watch, and Peach starts off the game very similar to Mario 64 where she sends a letter to Mario to come visit and when he arrives Bowser the main villain of this game and the franchise as a whole, comes in and ruins the festival kidnapping Peach and her Castle taking them both to space. Mario tries to rescue her, but fails getting shot by Kamek’s magic and drifts into space landing on a small distant planet. There he gains the help of Rosalina mother of the Lumas, with her help you need to get to Bowser, beat him and rescue Peach. The story in Mario Galaxy 2 is actually pretty similar if not copy and paste, with the only difference being that instead of Rosalina helping you it’s a giant Luma called Lubba.

As for the gameplay it’s a bit dull compared to the previous installments, Mario feels stiff when he moves around sometimes feeling unresponsive. The move set you have has the bear minimum compared to its previous. The move set given to you is just jump, backflip, crouch, and the spin attack. While this isn’t the low for the series it’s still very little. However this was done to help with the new spherical gameplay it has, and due to the spherical gameplay these games have a more linear style of gameplay instead of the open style of gameplay both Mario 64, and Sunshine has. Since there are new worlds to explore that does mean there are gonna be new bosses to fight too, however thanks to the new gameplay it has most bosses were dulled down but were scaled back up in the sequel.

The worlds you explore are vast and fun to explore, since the game takes place in space they had so many options for their new worlds, and options they had because they are more worlds in these games then Mario Sunshine would ever have had. Every world always has a gimmick to it that makes each world unique and fun to play threw. However as a result most worlds are usually one offs, not usually having that much to do, but still fun to go to.

Now as a Mario game this did so much for the franchise and introduced spherical gameplay that will most likely never come back, even in the most recent Mario games you can still see stuff that was inspired from both Mario Galaxy games that I will get into later, and I do definitely recommend playing both Mario Galaxy games mainly the second one since it has more content and does go further with its worlds having more to do in them and what not.

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