A Day In The Life Of An Uncle Day 4

A Day In The Life Of An Uncle Day 4

Garrett Edwards, Reporter

A Day In The Life Of An Uncle

Hey everyone! Today is day 4 of “A Day In The Life Of An Uncle.” Today I want to talk to you about the “brotherly love” that Emiliano and Acyn share with each other.  It is so nice to watch them play and interact with one another.

When Emiliano was born Acyn was so happy he finally had a baby brother, someone he could play, and make memories with. I remember when my brother and sister-in-law brought him over to my house for the first time Acyn would not stop yelling, “My baby brother is here! My baby brother is here!” He would yell that non-stop because he was so excited to have a baby brother. Every now and then either me or my brother(not his daddy) or my sister will tell Acyn “Make your baby brother laugh” and he always does. There is never a moment where Acyn doesn’t make Emiliano laugh it is so amazing.

There are some times where they both have a hard time sharing with each other but most of the time they will share with each other, and if not then their mommy and daddy will get on to them for not sharing. My sister-in-law has multiple pictures of them hugging and them laughing together, it makes me so happy inside and out. I think it’s really funny when I start playing with one of my nephews and the other one always comes and joins in, no matter what we are doing we could be throwing a ball, fighting, wrestling it is literally anything. No matter what it is the other one always has to join and be a part of the action!

Acyn and Emiliano are by far the best two boys I have ever met, they make me happy when I am sad, they always wanna play, and they love the outdoors. I hope you all have a great day and remember to come back tomorrow for my last blog of my nephews!