Blog 3 – Prom Ready


Alicia Monge, Digital Media Reporter

Prom Ready

       Hi guys im back, it’s day 3! Today I will write about how to do your hair for prom. Whether  you’re going with a hot date or you’ve got your besties by your side, prom night is the night of your high school experience. You’ve got the dress. You’ve got the shoes. What are you doing with your hair?

      This year the trend is “customized classics.” Updos will forever reign supreme, but this year is the time to put your own spin on things. Add a braid to your side bun, cool pins and clips can really glam up a simple half-up, half-down style. Sparkles are never a bad idea.

      Have a classic style no hairstyle says “prom” more than a low bun. It’s a classic and rightly so. It works on everyone, it’s easy to do, and it is low-maintenance you can dance all night and your hair stays flawless. Give it some twists and turns to make it anything but basic.You can also use your natural hair. Don’t worry about this being too much. If your dress is more on the simple side, let your hair be your statement piece. If you’ve got a vivid dress, round out the intensity with this style and own your look

      Never to be overlooked is the ponytail. The timeless look can be regarded as too simple. We argue that the simplicity can be just what your look may need. Wear it high, hide the hair tie and flatiron. Some of us girls have really heavy and long hair, so some of these styles will hurt your head or won’t stay curled. If you curl your hair make sure to use a lot of hair spray. If you have long hair I think the ponytail would look nice, but if you have heavy hair it might hurt.

      I hope this helped you girls find something to do with your hair. This is where I’m going to end it. Thank you for reading my blog today. I will see you guys tomorrow.