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Kisa Unruh, Track Blog

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Welcome back to my track blog! This is day 3. Today we will be talking about what warmups we do before throwing as a team and what I do individually.

When we first get to track practice, we line up in alphabetical order, separate boys and girls, and by classes. They take roll call then we start stretching. We usually start with stretching out arms and then we go to our legs. After this we go to the sideline and do moving stretches like high knees and butt kicks. After that we finish with Demon jacks, which is jumping jacks while we spell out the word “DEMONS”.

After we’re done warming up as a team we split up and I go with the throwers. To warm up for shot put I first start with a backwards throw to loosen up my arms. Then I do a power throw to get my arm and legs ready for the glide. I do both of those a couple times and then I start doing my full throw with the glide.

If I go to javelin I first start with the javelin in my hands and do arm circles with the javelin. We then do hard throws into the ground right in front of us. After we do our hard throws, we give a light toss a couple yards from us and get the javelin up in the air. We then move to a 3 step to get our legs and our arms warmed up at the same time. After were loosened up were ready to start 5 stepping and throwing the javelin hard and far.

This is how I get warmed up everyday before I start throwing my implements. Thank you for returning back to day 3 of my blog. Hope to see you back again for day 4!

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