Blog 4 – Prom Ready


Alicia Monge, Digital Media Reporter

Prom Ready

       Hi guys it’s day 4! In today’s blog I will be talking about prom accessories. We will talk about earrings. First most girls prefer to wear some sort of earrings to their prom. Maybe this is because most of us like to have a cute hairstyle since after all this is a pretty big celebration.

      Statement earrings like crystal and rhinestones are very typical choice for this occasion, plus you’d never go wrong with such a pair of earrings. This is a great option for the ladies who find their styling a challenge.If this is the look you are going for, then feel confident because these jewelry pieces are so adjustable.

       Delicate earrings, no matter of their color or style, are perfect for very detailed dresses because you don’t want to end up looking distracting and tacky, especially at your prom. Chandelier earrings are great with strapless dress with Sweetheart or Queen Anne necklines.

       The second section is on necklaces. Layered necklaces are becoming a huge trend lately, which means that if you pair them with a nice loose dress style Greek Goddess you can achieve a very majestic, yet feminine style. You don’t have to necessarily go for the typical stiff dress made from taffeta. You are more than welcome to get creative with your style and go for something more simple, but very elegant and classy.

           As we try to be more and more original and different than anybody else we have two dresses paired up with statement necklaces for a bold, but very elegant style. If your chosen dress has an illusion neckline or halter neckline, then statement necklaces are a great way to give dimension and a layering effect to your look.

          This third section is about rings. Regardless of their size, they are the perfect add-on to a bedizened dress with lots of embroidery or crystals incorporated into the dress itself.In contrast to the delicate rings, statement rings make such a statement no one will forget your look. They are great for all the ladies that just can’t go without their jewels. They could be easily paired with dresses of one color.

            I am going to end it here today. I hope you girls find so really pretty jewelry to match your dress. Well once again Thank you for reading my blogs. Stay tuned for a video on how to make corsages.