Blog 4: Track Blog

Blog 4: Track Blog

Kisa Unruh, Track Blog

Welcome to day 4 of my track blog. Today we will be talking about track meets and how they’re ran, etc.

Okay well first of all it depends on which track meet you go to and how many teams are there. Every track meet is ran different than other track meets.

Track meets first start with all the teams getting there early and they start warming up for the events. Then it starts with the field events: shot put, discus, javelin, long jump, triple jump, pole vault and high jump. Depending on how many teams there are depends on what time the track meet starts. Track meets usually start at 4pm. After the field events start then a little bit later usually the 3200 is ran. After that is done, all the running events start to happen. The 100 hurdles is usually the first event after the 3200. Then it goes the 100 meters and then the 4×1 relay. After the 4×1, it’s the 400 meter run, then the mile, 300 hurdles, and the 800. Then it’s the last two races of the meet, the 200 and the 4×4 relay. The 4×4 relay is probably the most killing race to run, but some people say it’s the most fun. All the teams run across the track field cheering their team on because sometimes this race comes down to see who wins the whole track meet.

In every event there is something called heats, which is to split up an event so there isn’t a ton of people during the event at the same time. The field events go boys first then girls or vice-versa.

Thank you for reading my 4th and final written blog. I hope you decide to join track because there’s a lot of different options for you to choose from!