Nintendo And How They’ve Changed Day 4


Manuel Dozal, Digital Media Reporter

Nintendo And How They’ve Changed Day Four

Nintendo has been making Mario games for a while and as they kept changing them the games just kept on getting linear and linear as they make them, an example of this can be Mario Galaxy to Mario 3D Land/World. And since Nintendo wanted to bring their franchises back to their roots, and is what they did is they took the 3D Mario series and made it go open world again. The result we got was Super Mario Odyssey released on October 27, 2017.

Day 4:

Super Mario Odyssey is the latest main series Mario game that we’ve gotten and yes I know I skipped over 2 games those being Super Mario 3D World/Land. I did this because if I did talk about them I wouldn’t have had enough time to talk about the latest and most ambitious 3D Mario game, being Super Mario Odyssey.

The whole theme of this game is “surprise,” the whole game tries to surprise you with multiple things that  I would’ve never guess I would ever see in a Mario Game, while there are less worlds then both Mario Galaxies, every single world gives you so much to do with so much to explore. They’re are also so many collectibles to get with over 900 power moons! I might have got them all and spent over 100 hours doing so, but hey who knows? Not only are there many moons to collect, but there are outfits you can get to dress Mario in too, and since the game is still getting updates I might not be able to talk of all of its features either.

As for the move set, it does not hold back. The main mechanic of this game is Cappy the talking ghost hat, couldn’t really describe it in other words, but what he does is you have the ability to throw him, use him as a platform, and or the main feature, capturing. The capturing feature is the main feature of this game, to use it you throw Cappy at an enemy and you’ll gain the ability to control them. Depending on which enemy you capture, you’ll be able to gain different abilities. As for Mario’s moveset, again they did not hold back. These are some of the tightest controls in a 3D Mario game I’ve seen being very responsive and, Mario never feels stiff when you play as him. All of his moves from Mario 64 return except for his punch and his kick.

As for the worlds, they all have such unique designs that makes it so you never feel like you’re exploring a rehash of an older world. Each world has its own unique art style along with NPCs, each location is inspired by real world locations, such as New Donk City being based off of New York City.

As for the story, well it’s just like any other Mario game, but with a slight twist, instead of starting off with Mario heading to Peach’s castle it starts off immediately in a battle between Mario and Bowser. Bowser who already kidnapped Peach has the advantage in the battle so he actually ends up winning sending Mario a neighbor Kingdom of the Mushroom Kingdom. This time Bowser plans to marry Princess Peach to make himself the king of the Mushroom Kingdom, and plans to travel around the world to steal landmarks and raid other kingdoms or cities. Mario who landed in the Cap Kingdom teams up with Cappy, has to chase Bowser around the world to both save Peach, and solve any problems he has created.

Anyways as the latest 3D Mario game, it has to be the best one by far. Not only is it open world, but it’s really well designed compared to the previous worlds of the 3D Mario franchise. Each world is absolutely filled with personality making them all unique in their own ways with multiple collectibles which means you might always get something every time you head back to play making it all the worth while. Which makes this Mario game one of the best, if not the best which means yes you should play it whenever you can.