James Harden

pablo mendoza, digital media reporter

          Hi,welcome to day 4. We are going be talking about is James Harden.His height is 6’5, and he is 29 years old. Haden plays for the Houston Rockets as a shooting guard. James Harden is in second place for MVP run. Harden has been the single most unstoppable player in the league and draws absurd foul calls, makes deep 3-pointers.His way into the lane with opponents seemingly glued to his hip, and he still makes it work, because only he can do what he does. He’s having one of the best offensive seasons ever, averaging 36 points and 7.5 assists per game. He’s  single-handedly carried the Rockets to 53 wins James Harden would go on to score 30 points in 32 straight games, second only to the great Wilt Chamberlain, setting them up as the team Some think he’s in the best position to knock off the Golden State Warriors,Harden has had eight 50+-point games this season and is the only player in the league with multiples points. He is currently tied with Jordan for the second-most 50-point games in a season.

                Harden has proved himself to be the most important player to a winning team, while also making the case for being the best player on the planet. The wins are there, the stats are there, the effort on defense is there, the lack of a real supporting cast (unfortunately) is there, and a whole lot of historical numbers are there. Harden also set’s the narrative in the league this year. He was the most talked-about on a nightly basis.It was mostly all done without Chris Paul and/or Clint Capela on the floor too. Paul went down only five games into the streak and would proceed to miss 17 straight games. Capela stuck around for the first 16 of those games, but would miss 15 of them after a thumb injury. Six games without either paul or Capela overlapped.He and Wilt are the only two players to have scored back-to-back games of 55+ points, and Harden did it twice this season. Harden also joins Jordan, Kobe, and Chamberlain as the only players to have multiple 60-point games in a season.