Red Demon Basketball Breaks Scoreboard Record


Alden Knedler, 10, blocks a Hugoton player. Photo by V. Garcia

On December 11, 2018, the Red Demon basketball team made history.

The team faced  against Hugoton, who had a then record of 2-1 and Demons had a record of 1-2. During the first quarter of the game, both teams showed determination to win, with Demons down with two points and Hugoton with 15 on the scoreboard. Both teams tied up at halftime with 37. Returning to the court after halftime, the Demons pulled ahead with a score of 69 leaving the Eagles behind at 52. The last quarter is where history was made, the Demons made it to 100 points on the scoreboard. The athlete to shoot and made the three digit score was Josue Farias, 12.

The highest score before was 91 against Guymon. This happened only a year ago, showing how the team has improved. Key players for Tuesday’s game were Noah Sowers, 12, Bowen Smith, 12, Anthony Speakman, 10, and Adrian Mendoza, 12. Between them, 61 points were made. Sowers made 16 while the others made 15 each.

“When I made the free throw shot, I didn’t even realize that I made the 100th shot. I was filled with adrenaline when the gym bursted, shouting my name,” said Josue Farias, 12.

Farias assisted with 7 shots. He’s said he couldn’t have done it without his teammates, but if he could go back in time, he’s said that would go back to relive that moment. The teams pre-game rituals consists of watching JV and freshman play ball. Matt Friess, 10, also says that his favorite moment was being a part of the team to score 100 points.

“The most important part of basketball to me is communicating with teammates and having a good bond with my teammates,” said Friess.

The team does team building activities, they even traveled to see a game out of state together.

“My favorite moment of the season was going to the Oklahoma City Thunder Game. It was a great team bonding moment,” said Cedric Rosales, 11.

The Demons where Red Hot after their huge win, on the road on Dec. 18, they travelled to Guymon. The team was successful again there defeating the Oklahoma team 62-39, which moves them to 3-2.

The next home game for the Red Demons is Dec. 20 against McPherson.