SADD gives during the holiday season

SADD members pass out ornaments on Dec. 18 during first block.

Photo by: Victoria Garcia

SADD members pass out ornaments on Dec. 18 during first block.

Rhiannon Alberry, Staff Reporter

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Tis’ the season!

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) participated in ornament grams, an activity where members of the club passed out ornaments with
seasonal messages to encourage students and staff.

That’s what SADD is all about, encouraging fellow students to make better and healthier decisions that affect not only their lives, but also help their future, and passing out ornaments is just the beginning of this movement.

The President of SADD, Socorro Marino, 12 said, “Our goal is to try and help students when we see that they are struggling. We decided to give away the ornaments as a way to wish them happy holidays and to encourage them during finals week to do their best.”

SADD has gotten involved in many activities in school and out. Finals is tough time and getting a friendly reminder can be helpful.

“We weren’t able to sell candy canes this year, but we still wanted to do something for Christmas, we decided to do something quick and easy that showed holiday spirit. We sent out little ornaments with notes from SADD, wishing people happy holidays, to spread happiness and cheers before the break,” said Alexandra Bautista, 11.

SADD has participated in school events, like this in the past, including their traditional carnation sale.

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