Students participate in HERO day


Photographer Evelyn Ochoa, 12

Students participate in HERO Day, which took place on Oct. 4.

Monica Velasquez, News Reporter

HERO Day brings new inspiration to students

HERO Day has always been a fun and creative event, where all students are welcomed to join, and share their thoughts, feelings, and stories.

This year, HERO Day took place on Oct. 4. The theme was, “This is me,” which reflected on how students should feel comfortable inside their own personality, their bodies, and their minds.

The theme was very important, given that it addressed many important topics and events that have occurred during the past year. Some of the most important topics were bullying, suicide prevention, emotional awareness, and personal well being. The theme was very moving and touching for many students and staff.

Summer Foster, counselor, was one of the many that believed the theme was extremely important.

“The theme is perfect because each individual needs to feel comfortable with who they are and not worry about others perceptions/ judgments…” said Foster.

During HERO Day, staff members get involved and help out as much as possible. Yet it isn’t just staff that participates, but also many students that believe it is very important to appreciate the event and really learn something from it.

Katherine Greenleaf is currently a senior and a member of the TALC club, she regularly gets involved in school functions and she especially enjoys HERO day.

“My favorite part of every HERO day is seeing the collaboration and hope that the students and adult leaders share with each other,” said Greenleaf.

One of the main goals during HERO day is that there are many activities dedicated to helping the students achieve their personal goals.

Trista Fergerson, teacher, said she believes that students can learn many lessons from these activities.

“Our hope is that students could take some coping mechanisms that we gave them. I think the activities that we created gave them an opportunity to No. 1 see that they aren’t alone, No. 2 normalize the mental health stigma, and No. 3 give them some resources to be able to contact others if they do need that help,” said Fergerson

Overall HERO Day was a great success that gave students an opportunity to be open-minded, and experience some great fun as well as create lasting connections with new and exciting people.

HERO Day stands for Hope- Empathy- Resilience- and Open-mindedness.