Band gets superior rating at WAC festival


Photographer Victoria Garcia, 12

The band performs during the halftime of a home football game this fall.

Kelly Juarez, Student Life Reporter

This year’s WAC Marching Festival was held on  Oct. 17, where the Pride of Southwest Kansas performed and received a one score rating with one of their most impressive feats yet. 

For 16 years, the Pride had acquired only superior ratings at WAC and every festival they have participated in until the two rating from last year. With that rating being their motivation, the band pushed themselves further and further until there wasn’t any sliver of imperfection. It took rehearsals every morning at 7 a.m., once a week in the evening, and 2-3 days during first period.

“We want to have a great show and prove that we have become better than what we were last year,” said Agustina Leal, 12.

With the large amount of practice time that the band had, many members believed in themselves that they were to receive a one this year. After the performance, they were brought back onto the field, and told their perfect score.

Many members also thought that this year’s WAC will be unforgettable.

“Out of my 4 years of going to WAC with the Pride, this was the best performance, in my eyes,” said Lluvia Lugo, 12.

The Pride performed their “Ridiculous Squared,” themed performance at this festival.

The Western Athletic Conference Marching Festival, is a music festival for bands in Southwestern Kansas. It tests their flair and capabilities of working together as a whole unit. The scoring used for WAC is on a 1-5 scale, with a one being the superior rating and a five being the worst a group can receive.

The band will next compete at KBA on Oct. 20.