Orchestra holds fall concert


Photographer Johnattan Morales

Orchestra members play during the Fall Concert held earlier this week.

By Lynzie Clarke, News Reporter

Orchestra has been working tirelessly throughout this semester working on new music that was debuted this Oct. 23, with their fall concert.

The orchestras performed a piece independently and also a combined piece with one other orchestra. Sinfonia and Camerata played a joint piece called “Danse Infernale”, highlighting the talents of both levels in the orchestra.

The Concert and Chamber orchestras also performed a combined piece titled “Toss the Feathers.”

“The concert went the best when the orchestras decided to combine themselves. The combining of the orchestras just goes to show that when we stand (or sit) together we can go farther and do better,” said Daemian Serna, 12, Chamber viola.

The combination of the orchestras helped the students from each class to understand each others abilities and learn from each other.

This semester the orchestra groups have been spending their time preparing for this fall concert along with the Western Kansas Orchestra Festival. The festival will be held in Hays in November. The groups will play some of the same music from the fall concert, students are also responsible for preparing, and practicing their own music.

Orchestra will be closing the semester with a Holiday Concert set for Dec. 10.

Whitney Maxwell, director, would like to invite DCHS students and families to a mattress fundraiser put on  in order to support the DCHS Fine Arts department. The fundraiser will be held on Oct. 28.