Clubs host blood drive


Photographer Monica Velazquez

Maria Ramirez, has talks to a HOSA member while getting her blood drawn during the blood drive.

Luis Chavez, News Reporter

You may have noticed that the chalkboard in the Commons is back in action. This time around it’s promoting HOSA Week and the blood drive. The chalk mural was used to encourage students to participate with along with this organization.

This week celebrated by the club’s chapters around the country.

Amy Soberanes, 11, has been part of the club for two years.

“We wanted the nurses and teachers to feel like they are a part of something bigger and to recognize our healthy habits,” said Soberanes.

Virgil Hutchcraft, Annie Martinez and Jennifer Jones were sponsors for this event and contributed with a big help to the blood drive. This year, DCHS challenged Garden City High School to see who could donate the most blood.

“In many other areas, Dodge City and Garden City have a rivalry, so we decided to challenge them to produce more units of blood than they could,” said Martinez.

Results will be tallied and brought to you at a later day, so please stay tune.

The week was as followed.

Monday- Nurse Appreciation Day

Tuesday- Teacher Appreciation Day

Wednesday- Healthy Habits Day

Thursday- Blood Drive