Drama Club performs No Vacancy


Photographer Kelly Juarez

Jennifer Peralta, News Reporter

The Drama Club performed this year’s 2018 fall production, No Vacancy.

The club has been working on their play since early October and have been working on their roles until the show date, the crew members also have been working in a shared place, where there was hardly any room for their big movements.

“Getting through the nerves of the first show definitely, we also had a month and a half! My favorite part about it was getting to spend so much time with some old friends,” said Juliet Miller, 12.

The show took place Nov. 8, 9, 10. The play was by Katelyn Beyke. It’s a comedy based on deception and death. The story takes place at the Apple Tree Inn, which has been open for three weeks, Diane, played by Damaris Lopez, 12, is worried no one will ever check in, but out of the blue, pop star Jordan Wieber, played by Eduardo Villanueva,  shows up and bring a lot of chaos.

After that there are plenty of plots and twists on how Diane will keep her hotel running smoothly with hotel inspectors, undercover police officer, Wieber fans, and a dead body as the sake of her inn is at stake.

This was Johnny Dunlap’s first year directing the play.

“The biggest challenge for me was that I had to adjust to direct on a shared place, we didn’t get to install our set until a week before we open the play, we had two rehearsal with the full set,” he said.

Despite the setbacks, Dunlap said he felt accomplish.

“My biggest accomplishment was calling the play a success! I’m proud of everyone showing up, we were all busy, they had clubs, work, and others activities. I was really pleased of how our set turned out. I was really proud of the students doing everything in a few days or so,” said Dunlap.

Lopez, said it was a little difficult to have a short of period of time working on this play.  

“I’d say the most challenging thing was definitely working around our set. We didn’t really have our set built or set up until the week before the play because people kept using the auditorium, and it interfered with our rehearsals,” said Lopez.

In the end Dunlap said he is grateful of this first production coming to an end.

“As we come to opening night for my first production at Dodge City High School, I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved with this show. It has been humbling to be around such talented young people, and a joy to work with them! There is no way, without their hard work and dedication, this production would have come together, and I am grateful they have as much passion and excitement about theater is all about! I could not have asked  for a better group of humans to share this first production experience with and am looking forward to many more!” said Dunlap.