Students “Let It Be” in Floorshow themed showcase


Photographer Alexandra Garcia

Those who participated in the show bow for the final curtain call.

Talented groups and individuals prepared acts in order to try out for a spot in Floorshow. Tryouts were on  Nov. 19 and  Nov. 20. Acts could include anything from dancing, to singing and acting, and even include returning acts such as the Orchestra, Jazz Band, Class Act, Cheer, and Drill Team.

This year’s theme is “Let It Be” based off of the 1970 hit from the Beatles. Jim Mapel, sponsor, chose the theme for this year’s Floorshow.

The Master’s of Ceremony this year were seniors Marcos Fischer and Aria Knedler. They presented each act with skits to bring entertainment.

Acts this year include: Class Act, Caroline Stephenson, Ashley Garvalena, Jasmine Conner, Lorenz Looney, Orchestra, and Juliet Miller in Act One.

Following Act One was the crowning of 2018 Floorshow Royalty and a brief intermission.

The Floorshow King and Queen where seniors Luis Chavez and Natalie Garcia.

In Act Two, some of the performances were Dabin Noh, Jazz Band, Andrea Luna, Drama Club, Rave On, Kale Lowery, and Dodge City Beats.

Wyatt Childress, 12, was also nominated for Floorshow King as he has participated in Floorshow for all four years in his high school career. He was with the DCHS Jazz band for three years and performed with Dodge City Beats for his final year.  

Childress said he was excited for the pay off of being nominated by his peers.

“I feel good, it’s an honor to be recognized for all the hard work I’ve put in to my talent and that it it’s finally paid off,” said Childress.

Arub Lara, 10, was in four acts for this year’s Floorshow and it will be her second year participating within the show. Her acts included Jazz band, Orchestra, Drama Club, and Class Act.

Lara said she was prepared for the show, but was on a time crunch for her acts.

“I’m not necessarily nervous. The acts that I’m involved in are all things I love spending my time doing, but preparing for them can be a stressful task. I also only have so much time to get changed and prepared for my acts to go on,” she said. 

Floorshow was on Dec. 6 at the DCHS Auditorium.