Students perform “Freaky Friday” the musical


Photographer Kelly Juarez

Aria Knedler, 12, performs during the musical.

Olivia Ramos, Student Life Reporter

The Musical “Freaky Friday” starts this Thursday and runs throughout the weekend.

This year’s musical is based off of Disney’s 2003 film, “Freaky Friday,” where the mom and daughter who do not see eye to eye break a magical hourglass that causes them to switch bodies. The musical follows the journey of the two trying to switch back before the mother’s big wedding day comes. Aria Knedler, 12, plays the mother and Delanny Ormord, 12, plays the daughter. 

There are many students that are going to perform on the stage for one of the last times including Lorenz Looney, a senior who has been heavily involved in the school’s fine arts and plays the role of “Mike” in the musical.

“My highlight in fine arts was last year when I got my first lead, made state choir, and got a perfect score in my solo last year. I’m hoping I can do it again this year.  Through musicals I have learned  how to manage my time. I have so much to take from my experiences, but it’s just to enjoy what role you get because you can use the things you learn from that role and apply it to your next audition,” said Looney. 

There are also new faces that were added to the show such as Kale Lowery, a sophomore who is playing the role of “Adam,” the list master for the big scavenger hunt in the show.

“It’s been a lot of fun. It’s been amazing working with Aria and Delanny, they have helped me so much. It’s definitely an experience that I am not going to forget. I hope people enjoy how modern the show is because it’s probably the most modern show to date. It’s definitely more relatable than most shows since it’s dealing with a mother and daughter. The show is going to be upbeat, exciting, and a lot of fun that I think everyone will enjoy,” said Lowery. 

The show is running February 7th- 9th at 7 p.m. in the high school auditorium. General admission is $6.00, but students can get a free ticket by going to the DCHS Athletic and Activities Office.