League of Legends: What is it and who plays it?

Emanuel Valle, Reporter

League of Legends or LoL is a multiplayer online battle – arena – video game that has only gotten better since its release in October of 2009. The game is published by Riot Games and is available for Windows and Mac. According to the business magazine “Forbes” League of Legends was the most played PC game in North America and Europe in terms of hours played in 2012. More recently as of January 2014, over 67 million people played per month and 27 million people played per day.

Being a player on this online battle arena game requires the player to control a character called a Champion. Participants are matched with and against bots or other players in teams. As of December 13, there were 117 different Champions to choose from. Players gain levels from killing the opposite team’s Champions, controlled by players and minions that regularly spawn and attack the other team. The main goal of each match is to destroy the opposite team’s “Nexus”. The Nexus being the source of the opposing teams minions. The game is played on one of four fields, the most common being “Summoner’s Rift”. The Champions then fight against each other or the minions on the battlefield.

League of Legends brings a huge backstory and incredibly fun to read lore. The backstory and lore go as follows: the League of Legends was established to prevent further wars on Valoran. The Summoner’s called on the strength of exceptional individuals referred to as “Champions” to battle on the fields of justice in order to settle conflicts. The Champions all joined the league for various reason some are “soldiers” who fight for their nation, some are renowned warriors who seek to prove themselves against Valoran’s most powerful warriors, and some are prisoners of the league who are forced to fight for the League.

Dodge City High School now has its very own League of Legends club. The club meetings are on Tuesday and Thursday during OP and after school if they want to play a few more rounds in Mr. Spindler’s room H202.

Out of the many people who play league; two very competitive students stuck out, Oscar Millan and Andrew Doan. These two players got into League for similar reasons Millan did by watching a student during Mr. Pittman’s trading card game club and Doan did by watching his good friend play with a group of students. They both seem to love the competitive aspect and “beating up bronze scrubs in ranked matches,” Doan said. Out of the many Champions to choose from players stick to a select few.

“LeBlanc is my favorite Champion she has a lot of outlay potential, but has a huge skill cap that I am  still figuring out. Her prestige suit is borderline amazing,” said Millan.

There is another Champion who seems to have more output potential, that champion being Riven.

“Riven is rarely overpowered and I like that. She has the best skins in the game including her battle bunny,” said Doan.

They both share one piece of advice, “Our worst games have had a total of six deaths, that’s where we basically got smurfed, meaning experienced players went to low level matchups to have a little fun. We also encourage everybody to give League of Legends a try, it’s a beautiful game although its gaming community isn’t the best.” Millan and Doan said.

League of Legends logo.
League of Legends logo.